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Georgia Academy

Georgia Academy is a residential option for high school students to earn college credit towards a bachelor degree and includes a chosen path to earn an associate's degree from Middle Georgia State University while living on our MGA Cochran Campus in Anderson Hall.

Georgia Academy offers high school students the chance to live and learn at MGA!

Georgia Academy of Arts, Mathematics, Engineering and Sciences (formerly known as GAMES) is an exclusive 2-year Dual Enrollment residential program that allows high school students the opportunity to simultaneously earn a high school diploma from their home high school as well as a possible associate's degree from Middle Georgia State University (MGA), while experiencing dorm living (Anderson Hall) and integrating within our inclusive university community on the Cochran Campus买作弊器被骗全过程. This opportunity allows your student not only to earn two degrees but prepares them for living in a university setting with an academically supported community. Students may also choose to remain at MGA after high school graduation to earn their bachelor's degree.

Out-of-State Waiver for Border states

Residents of Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee are allowed an out-of-state waiver which awards students to receive in-state tuition when enrolled in Middle Georgia State University's Georgia Academy.

Georgia Academy Brochure

All documentation can be submitted by mail to:
Middle Georgia State University
Office of Admissions
100 University Parkway
买作弊器被骗全过程Macon GA 31206

High school students interested in non-residential, commuter options are encouraged to apply for Dual Enrollment.

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